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Nairobi - Africa's Leading Business Travel Destination

If you are a traveler making your way to Nairobi on a business trip, being prepared for your journey and planning ahead is certainly the way to go! With the city being named Africa's leading destination for business travel, you can surely hope to find all that you need and more, and even pack in a little bit of fun into the ride. Already popular for being Africa's Safari Capital, the recent acknowledgment of the destination being a rising hub for conference tourism is yet another feather in Nairobi's already illustrious cap! Read on to find out all about how you can make the most out of your visit - and why Nairobi is Africa's numero uno hub for business travel!

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KICC - Kenyatta International Convention Centre

Located in the city square of Nairobi, the Kenyatta International Convention Centre is arguably what put the city on the roadmap of business travel. Consisting of 28 floors, it is a key location which houses several government offices. It also plays host to a plethora of international conferences, exhibitions, summits, and more - all year long!


Business-Friendly Hotels

With the steady rise that the city is witnessing in terms of business travel prospects, finding yourself a luxurious, affordable, and comfortable place to stay during your visit will not be a challenge. For the perfect abode with several services that will make your stay a pleasant one, look no further than Best Western Plus Westlands - one of the best hotels in Westlands, Nairobi!

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Places to Visit

If you have some time left on your hands and are looking for things to do in Nairobi after you are through with work commitments, fret not, for the city has plenty to offer. The Nairobi National Park and a couple of other wildlife centers are a must-visit for nature lovers, while for the ones with a penchant for the urban - there is plenty to explore in terms of local music, food, and culture!

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Ease of Travel

Nairobi's main airport is the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, while the Wilson Airport serves many local regions in the country. The main airport sees traffic from most major international carriers. For your travel within the city, you can use Little Cab taxis, for an authentic local experience, with boda-bodas (motorbikes) also available as a cheaper and faster option. If you prefer the mainstream, you can always choose Uber!

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